The Love Triangle Of Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry & Selena Gomez—Report

The Love Triangle Of Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry & Selena Gomez—Report

Is Orlando a two-front lover? After seeing his extremely attentive treatment of both Katy Perry and Selena Gomez at the Golden Globes, we grew a little suspicious. And what a surprise it was when we found out about Orlando Bloom dating both of them—simultaneously! Read more about it in this article right now!

The love game has entrapped two of the Hollywood’s most famous pop stars, Katy Perry, 31, and Selena Gomez, 23. Both are involved in a special relationship with Orlando Bloom, 39, but despite the rules of a true gentleman, he is seeing both Gomez and Perry at the same time! The press cannot stop talking about the new love triangle created by Orlando.

When Bloom and Perry were noticed flirting with each other at the parties after the Golden Globe, the fans got all excited about the possibility of them being a couple.

Besides, Katy was all for it as well!

From the words of our insider, Katy Perry had been entirely consumed by the actor until her friend opened her eyes and told her about the reconnection of Orlando and Selena in December. What does it mean? Is the hottest Hollywood actor making moves on Perry while having a relationship with another woman?!

To tell the truth, Orlando and Selena have agreed not to overcomplicate their “more than friends” relationship. But when on Jan. 13, Orlando’s birthday, a social network showed a pic of him cuddling up with Selena, everyone immediately assumed that there was definitely a spark between them. But it is obvious that Orlando Bloom has feelings not only for Selena…and surely things will not go well if he keeps up this double dipping.

“Katy needs to think hard about this,” shares Katie’s friend, “because on one hand, she does not mind seeing Orlando, but on the other hand, she was a bit disappointed to find out he was also dating Gomez. What really bothers her is the age difference between them.”

Moreover, it is still a mystery how Selena Gomez feels about Bloom’s double game.

Anyway, we will be glad to see either of the couples happening—OrlSel or OrlKat. But knowing about the previous failed relationships of Perry and Gomez, we do not want Orly to be the one hurting the girls yet another time! Let us follow this star-studded love triangle together and hope Orlando Bloom finally figures out whom he wants to see by his side.

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