Paul Walker’s Death Race: Who’s Guilty?

Paul Walker’s Death Race: Who’s Guilty?

November 2013 was a tragic month for the fans of the legendary series of action street racing films—The Fast And Furious. Paul Walker, who became famous overnight for a brilliant portrayal of Brian O’Conner, died in a horrible car crash.

Paul Walker death shocked millions of people around the world, fans considered this news as a bad joke. They organized touching flash-mobs in social networks and even their own investigations. But, unfortunately, Paul’s manager confirmed the worst assumptions and told everything about that single-vehicle collision.

Late at night on Nov. 30, Paul Walker was coming back from a charitable evening with his close friend, Roger Rodas in a red Porsche Carrera. According to the reports by the LA County Sheriff’s Department, Walker was a passenger. The car crashed into a lamppost and burst into flames immediately. Both men died at the scene. The part of the road where the crash happened is very popular among local drifters but is very dangerous at the same time. A mixture of different facts and versions make this crash one of the most mysterious and controversial car accidents today.

In September 2015, Meadow Walker, Paul’s beloved daughter, filed a lawsuit against Porsche. She is sure that it was a wrongful death that took his father’s life almost two years ago. But the famous car brand published a statement to defend its reputation. Porsche’s officials claim that the tragic death of Paul Walker was caused by inadmissible speed and reckless driving. They said that they had always been very sad whenever anyone is injured in Porsche vehicles, but they also believe the reports of Californian authorities.  According to documents, the collision was a result of “extremely unsafe speed”. But Paul’s and Roger’s families are of another opinion.

16-year-old Meadow Walker is collecting the evidence of Porsche Carrera’s lack of safety facilities. If the car had more safety features, Paul would have survived or even the crash could have been prevented. The widow of Roger Rodas also filed a suit against Porsche. Mrs. Rodas said that she can easily demonstrate that Carrera had lots of technical shortcomings and the accident was as a result of a fatal failure in the suspension system of Porsche Carrera.

The automaker keeps on defending itself and blaming the accident on the driver. Officials of Porsche asserted that the car was maintained improperly, the driver did not take care of the vehicle at all.

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