Madonna’s Son Rocco Refuses to Celebrate Christmas With His Mom

Madonna’s Son Rocco Refuses to Celebrate Christmas With His Mom

Even celebrity families experience family gaps, no matter how idyllic they may seem. A big family scandal spoiled Madge’s holiday mood. Her teenage son Rocco declared that he did not want to live with his mother anymore. Obviously, Madonna’s offspring had listened to his mom’s new album from Madonna Rebel tour too many times.

Rocco had a wonderful time in London with the new family of his dad, the famous director Guy Richie. When it was high time to go back to noisy New York, the youngster suddenly refused to board the plane. That desperate decision broke his mother’s heart, but she accepted the challenge. Madonna decided to force Rocco to return to New York through the court. She involved powerful lawyers into bringing her son back, but Mr. Richie, the singer’s former husband, also wanted to defend Rocco’s interests. He hired the best British advocates to reach justice.

You do not have to be a qualified psychologist to understand the roots of Rocco’s teenage rebellion. Spotlights, paparazzi, and other attributes of publicity have surrounded the boy since his birth. The Madonna’s son traveled with his legendary mom on her sparkling tours around the United States. Being on the road constantly was not the only thing that had an influence on Rocco. Madonna’s concerts were not an entertainment for him. The 15-year-old had to help out behind the scenes, which was really hard work.

Madonna is also very open about her family news. She often posts personal pictures on her Instagram, even the awkwardest ones. For instance, the diva has recently posted a funny photo of Rocco with girly pigtails. Rather embarrassing, is it not? This shot was meant to be in the family archive, but now it is observed and discussed by thousands of subscribers. Madonna wants to be viewed as a loving mom, but sometimes she goes too far.

Before Christmas, the Manhattan court forced the boy to come back home, to the U.S. But Rocco’s lawyer declared that it was not what his client wanted. It was decided to finish the case only after a sincere face-to-face conversation between Madonna and her son in New York. Rocco’s father has not given any official comments on that decision, but one thing is certain: he wants his son to stay in London.

On Dec. 25,  the diva posted a cute photo with Rocco. In the description she wished a happy Christmas to the sunshine of her life. Close friends of the family and the army of Madonna’s fans are waiting for the court decision. Family peace will be the best New Year’s present for Madonna.

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