Kurt Cobain’s Death Photos Provoke Investigation Resumption

Kurt Cobain’s Death Photos Provoke Investigation Resumption

The Seattle Times suggested creating a movement all around the world with the aim of getting justice for Kurt Cobain’s death inquiry in 1994. The Seattle Police Department has either found new evidence looking through Kurt Cobain death photo or decided to take into account all the rumors and conspiracy theories that hovered around Cobain’s death and to unriddle the 21-year-old case once and for all.

Anonymous sources from the Police Department have shared news about an upcoming announcement, which is based on Kurt Cobain’s death photos and contains the information about some newly discovered details. These facts make it possible to repeat the examination of the case files and evidence. It will be the first significant action of the SPD, as not long ago, it was blamed for laziness, ineffectiveness, inactivity, and wrong investigation conclusion (suicide). The new wave of interest towards the singer’s death swelled over 2015 due to the publication of Kurt Cobain death photos and such new documentary films about the star as Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck and the drama Soaked in Bleach.

The last one expresses the theory of Tom Grant, a private detective from Los Angeles, who was hired Apr. 3, 1993 by Courtney Love, Kurt’s wife, to find him safe and sound. Unfortunately, Cobain was found dead by an electrician that was walking by his house. The bullet in his head and a gun in hand made the SPD stop their investigation with the conclusion of self-inflicted gunshot- suicide. The film shows the Kurt Cobain death pictures real, not edited and sheds light on the discrepancy of the official SPD report and the words of people who took direct part in the original investigation, including the interview of Norm Stamper, the former SPD Chief and Cyril Wecht, ex-president of Academy of Forensic Sciences.

Due to the lawyers’ and Courtney Love’s order, Soaked in Bleach was forbidden for showing in theaters, though the film found a way out and reached the audience mostly through Netflix and Hulu.

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