Jennifer Lawrence Breaks Up With Chris Martin

Jennifer Lawrence Breaks Up With Chris Martin

We did not pay much attention to the latest Jennifer Lawrence breakup news since she and Chris Martin will be back again in a week or two. The sources told the breakup was friendly and calm, and it happened mostly because of logistics and non-matching schedules. But we are not buying it due to some obvious facts.

Just reminding, that previous breakup happened after the Coldplay frontman was spotted with Kylie Minogue, and this time he was seen with Annabelle Wallis. The pattern is obvious. It is not Jennifer Lawrence acting too strict and jealous, it is Chris Martin acting too freely. Of course, we cannot check whether he cheated on Lawrence or not, and neither can she. But the actress has quite enough evidence to be suspicious.

As a backslash, she started hanging out with The Silver Linings Playbook co-star Bradley Cooper. And a photo, picturing the two leaving a hotel together, gave basis to many rumors and even might be one of the reasons of Cooper’s breakup with Suki Waterhouse, an English model and actress. During the interview with Howard Stern, Cooper denied any rumors and ensured the show host that relations with Jennifer Lawrence just could not happen since she is too young for the actor (but what about his ex, Suki, who is the same age as J-Law?).

Anyway, the actress is innocent here and does not seem even trying to get back at her ex. That is worth admiring since Jennifer Lawrence has confessed to The National Enquirer that break-up really hurts, and she is furious with Chris Martin, who has moved on very quickly. Lawrence revealed that she has realized Chris has never planned anything serious. Though he several times stated he as serious as only could be, he never introduced Jennifer Lawrence to his children, and that hurt the actress badly. But a couple of words in Martin’s defense: Jennifer Lawrence boyfriend divorced with his wife not because of her cheating or something, but because he wanted to be a free man. And dating such a guy have never been easy, probably, J-Law should have realized that earlier. Get more news about Jennifer Lawrence here.

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