Harrison Ford Reveals Secrets of His Pilot Experience

Harrison Ford Reveals Secrets of His Pilot Experience

We all know Harrison Ford as a great actor. Some people know him as Indiana Jones, others admire his character in the new Star Wars, but all of his heroes are are undoubtedly brave, adventurous and bold. Mr. Ford has been in the film industry since 1966, and now he is 72 years old. It does not mean that in 2015 he cannot be an actor, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens proves it. This film is an explosion of pleasure for the fans, and thanks to its great graphics and huge budget, it will be the best of all the existing parts. Creators of this masterpiece spent lots of money and energy on the shooting process, and experts say that the movie should be the most significant release of this year. Others think that it will be the best product of the movie industry ever.

And now a few words about the real life of Harrison Ford. Few of his fans know that Ford has a pilot license, and his experience consists of more than a few dozens of flights. During The Ellen DeGeneres Show Harrison told an interesting story about one of his flights 12 years ago. As it turns out, Ford once flew a helicopter without a license and had Ellen on board with him, too. It is obvious that any passenger would be very nervous with a pilot who does not have a license, and Ellen confessed that she was indeed a little scared. However, she then added that Ford was a good pilot and that is why he had received his license after that and continued to fly.

Unfortunately, neither the license nor his substantial pilot skills appeared to help Harrison Ford avoid a plane crash. This accident happened in March 2015 on the Penmar Golf Course in California. Mr. Ford was flying a vintage plane when suddenly the engine stopped, and that is the only fact that Harrison remembers clearly. The last words that he heard, he says, were the suggestion to land on the golf course. Due to the accident Ford now has a condition called retrograde amnesia. He had also had lots of bumps and a few lacerations on his head. Moreover, Ford had dislocated his right ankle and had injured his back. Additionally, if we look back on his flying history, we will find another plane crash that he was involved in–the accident of 1999.

As we can understand, Harrison Ford is a brave and stubborn person. He cannot stop doing what he likes because of hardships. That is why Ford was flying again just a few months after the accident.

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