Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s relationship endangered by Selena Gomez?

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber’s relationship endangered by Selena Gomez?

How would you behave if your boyfriend confessed his eternal love for his ex to the whole globe? Hailey Baldwin, Justin Bieber’s girlfriend, is furious with him. It is really hard to figure out what is going on between Bieber and Gomez, but the “Baby” singer is not likely to give up. Two weeks before going public with Hailey Baldwin, Bieber confessed on the Bert Show that he would love Gomez forever, and no one could ever change that. The singer added even more drama when he said that Selena Gomez was trying to break his heart on purpose. When she got too close with Christopher Manson in one of the videos, Biebs was furious and started criticizing Manson openly. However, Bieber soon got it together and admitted that Christopher was quite good-looking. Maybe, he noticed the resemblance of situations and got the message sent by Gomez.

Though this entire drama happened two weeks before Bieber publicly announced he was dating Hailey Baldwin, the model has all the rights to be livid. Who would be pleased with being coming in second place in their realtionship? Still, Hailey has shown her loyalty time and again. She is a perfect substitute for Gomez that has now become inaccessible for Bieber. Hailey and Justin have known each other for quite a long time—the model has always been there when Bieber needed her. Plus, their families are friends. And finally, Biebs has realized how much she meant to him and went public with the relationship. Looks like a happy ending of a melodramatic movie, is it not?

We wish it would be so, but Hailey Baldwin seems more like a backup plan than a girl he has loved for all this time. Now the singer has to fix up his image after Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber dating rumors, and Baldwin is a great candidate for just that. Though Bieber still hopes for a reconciliation with Gomez, Selena made it clear she is not coming back. Well, we wish them to figure all of their feelings out before the love triangle gets too complicated.

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