Epic Bromance of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton

Epic Bromance of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton

Tim Burton

When Tim Burton and Johnny Depp met, the director saw a young man who understood what it was like to be perceived as one thing when, in fact, you were absolutely different. He saw that Johnny was truly a versatile actor who could speak with his eyes. Those eyes that could express great sadness without any words were what made the director give the main role to Johnny. In his interview right before the Edward Scissorhands release date, Depp said that he had been drawn to Burton’s movie by its idea of not being able to fit in or do what you want in fear of ruining it. It was the exact feeling of young teens. To his mind, it was a universal emotion that would be understood by everybody, no matter how it was delivered to the audience.

After their first project together, Tim Burton praised the young actor and said that when he had been looking for somebody who could portray the sadness of Edward, Johnny appeared to be the best choice. In hist turn, the actor admitted that he had wept a little while reading the script.

This movie changed the way people saw Depp. He was no longer a shallow cute teen idol who could easily run leading roles. It was Tim Burton who first saw the different side of the boy. It was the beginning of the wonderful decades of joint work and strong friendship.

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