Epic Bromance of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton

Epic Bromance of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton

Fateful Movie Edward Scissorhands

The history of the epic “bromance” goes way back to the 1990’s when two famous Hollywood celebrities met on the set of the Edward Scissorhands movie. At the time, Johnny Depp was already known as the dreamy teen from Cry Baby and 21 Jump Street. He was a young idol, a new promising sweet boy of Hollywood.

Tim Burton already had several major films on his record, including such classics as Beetlejuice and Batman. Beginning his work on Scissorhands, Burton decided to leave his blockbuster ambitions behind and was completely sure that his new project would be a low-budget movie for the limited audience. He accepted the idea that the picture about a teen with scissors instead of hands would not be for everybody. The idea of the main character was inspired by the director’s drawings when he was still young. At the time when he could not create a big movie, somehow Burton made it even bigger without realizing it himself.

This risky role was a turning point in the career of Johnny Depp. The young actor showed that he was not afraid of extravagant roles and was not only a cute teen from the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie, but could also do something completely different. He became the misunderstood “creature” himself. The direction of Tim Burton and the acting skills of Depp made a great movie that is still considered as classics.


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