Courtney tries to forbid the release of Kurt Cobain’s death photos

Courtney tries to forbid the release of Kurt Cobain’s death photos

Does the Kurt Cobain’s death photos story come to an end? Unreleased photos with the scene of self-murder became a real stress for Courtney Love, ready for a war with Richard Lee, photo material owner. Courtney and her daughter ask not to show the suicide photos claiming it would lead only to pain.

Since Cobain’s death only a few shoots were released: one depicted a box with heroin preparations, other—showing people inspecting the room. The absence of files gave birth to lots of theories, which try to answer whether the death was caused by gunshot.

A judge working on the materials will listen to the arguments of the both sides during the new trial and define the legality of the crime scenes publication. The gathering of information and examination of the case took over 15 years which brings lots of trouble to Cobain family.

Lee wants to prove that Kurt did not kill himself and hosting a show accessible to the public “Now See it Person to Person: Kurt Cobain Was Murdered.” What Lee says is that there was no gunshot wound at all, which is shock for thousands of fans and start for new Cobain’s biography rumors.

The family, Love and Cobain’s daughter, Frances Bean Cobain, points out that the release of the records will violate the family privacy as well as spot the memories about the Kurt for his relatives, friends and army of fans. According to Lee, that only makes the whole story more exciting and interesting. Is it nothing more than a media’s thirst for attention and money?

Frances shares her opinion on the problematic situation: she has already went through personal suffering connected with father’s death and thinking about the possibility that the photos could be widespread and everywhere accessible is simply difficult to cope. She and her mother are sure it brings nothing but pain to those who really loved Kurt.

Courtney thinks that such kind of disclosure will unseal the wounds which were already skinned over, and ache endlessly unless those pictures will be taken from public which is absolutely impossible with mass media, social networks and Internet. Kurt’s widow claims the suffering is what the whole family will feel in the next years after pictures are released as it’s unbelievably hard to get them off the mind.

Sometimes it’s useful to bring some light on the story but such cases need time and complete privacy: what true fans need is music, not the grisly details of the painful moment, which is one more possibility not to feed the mass media thirst.

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