Claire Danes Speaks on Body Shaming

Claire Danes Speaks on Body Shaming

Claire Danes, a Homeland star, looks gorgeous and it does not look like she can have any problems with her appearance., But apparently, she does. The star recently confessed that she has continually struggled with her body image. Just like any other woman, the actress knows what it is like when you want to look perfect when your body is not. At some point, Danes decided that it is enough, and now she wants all women to know that their appearance is not the most important thing in their lives.

Body shaming in Hollywood

Body shaming in Hollywood

The 36-year-old actress started talking about body shaming in Hollywood after she realized that this situation has gone too far. In a few recent interviews, she told that she was criticized for being too skinny while her good friend Lena Dunham was, according to the media, vice versa, not skinny enough. Danes was really angry about this situation. She said it looked like a person must take up a certain amount of space, not more, not less.

Danes states that she had problems with body shaming all her life. As a person who is always at the center of media attention, she faces the expectations that she always should look not less than perfect. But being beautiful is not about the fashion standards, it is and it should be different for everyone. It is OK to make an effort to be attractive, but at the same time it is not OK to be judged only by that. Danes says that every person deserves “to breath and thrive” no matter how much space they take up.

Receiving negative attention from body shamers for just having a different body type is not right. But this is what constantly happens in Hollywood. The former Romeo + Juliet star started her actress career at the age of 13 and immediately got into the environment that is obsessed with looks. She tried her best not to let the fixed idea about perfect beauty interfere with her acting.

On TV, you can find some actresses who care about their appearance more than about their acting, but for Claire it is not a problem to be “not beautiful” on screen while filming. She says she wants to be as honest as she can while performing the role.

Dane’s “crying face” from Homeland series has become an Internet meme, and that is why we all love the actress: she gives all the energy and passion to her play. Being an actress is not about being beautiful, it is about playing your character and doing it in a great way.

Beauty standards

Beauty standards

It is strange to hear that such an attractive person as Claire Danes can be preoccupied with her appearance, but it is just yet more proof of how deeply ingrained the false importance of body standards is. And it is especially vital for women.

The four-time Golden Globe winning actress admits that she has plenty of vanity in her life. Of course, she wants to look beautiful, but at the same time she feels extremely vulnerable and full of fear when it comes to her appearance. Working in Hollywood, you meet the most beautiful women on the earth. Some people are objectively and unequivocally gorgeous. But Danes says that even these people are insecure about their appearance and full of self-doubt. “How can it be?” she asks. It seems that no one is immune to these beauty demands. No matter how you look like, you will always be “not good enough.”

This is simply a result of the culture we live in: perfection is being touted by the media, by fashion, by clothes brands. The sense of insecurity has been rooted deeply in our everyday life. Either you are not skinny enough, or not curvy enough, or you are less beautiful than someone else—there is always something about your appearance that people can find wrong.

Ariel Winter

Celebrities are not immune

Clair Danes is not the only one who feels this pressure of beauty standards. From Modern Family star 17 year old Ariel Winter who experienced a huge negative reaction to her photo in a bikini she posted on Instagram earlier this month to a comedian Any Schumer who got constantly criticized for her figure—these and many other examples show that there is something wrong with what people find important in a person, what people think they should be judged for.

You may also remember the September scandal about the Nicole Arbour’s video, the one in which she bullied fat people. While it was super-funny for her, it seemed extremely offensive to many others. Being negative about someone’s appearance means that you judge their freedom to express themselves, to be what they are, to act the way they want. It should not be like that. We are more than just our body.

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