“Chelsea Lately” Show: Nightmare For Heather McDonald?

“Chelsea Lately” Show: Nightmare For Heather McDonald?

Being a celebrity sometimes can be really, really hard. For example, you hate an actor or a singer, but it so happened that you have signed a contract and have to spend at least several years working together. More than that, not only do you feel uncomfortable in the company of an unwanted co-star, but everyone can see how awkward it feels for you. Celebrities who refuse to work together are not so rare, taking into account the number of divorces, affairs, and offenses that happen between famous people. This time, however, is slightly different. Heather McDonald, a famous comedian, singer, and actress, refuses to work with another renowned comedian, Chelsea Handler because of nothing other than panic attacks. Heather admits feeling extremely stressed whenever she has to work with Chelsea, especially participate in her “Chelsea Lately” show. She also discloses the fact that Handler treats all her co-workers and studio staff awfully, shouts and berates them. In her interview for Allegedly, Heather McDonald says that everything would go OK, and then suddenly out of nowhere she would feel her heart pounding and the panic approaching. According to the actress, she is not alone in her fear of Chelsea—the entire filming crew is said to be terrified of the talk show host. On the other hand, McDonald claims she enjoys working with Handler. She just does not approve of her way of treating people. According to Heather, it is great to be Chelsea’s friend—at first. The comedian will make you feel incredibly special, and then suddenly she starts acting like you are strangers. Apparently, the “Chelsea Lately” show host has no problems with ending relationships she does not need anymore. Nevertheless, Chelsea Handler has signed a 7-year contract with Netflix so she will star in a docuseries called “Chelsea Does” and a brand new talk show. Maybe, everything is not that bad, and Heather McDonald just decided to draw some more attention to herself?  When it comes to fame, you can never be sure the game is fair. Follow us and get more facts about Heather McDonald and Chelsea Handler conflict.

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