Celebrity’s Children: Experts at How to Screw Up Your Life

Celebrity’s Children: Experts at How to Screw Up Your Life

The world of celebrities can be rather tough at times. Imagine that everything you do is seen by millions of people, and all celebrity gossip websites talk about your lifestyle, relationships, and appearance. Many adult celebrities can hardly stand that pressure and make some inconsiderate decisions, not to speak of child celebrities, who are barking up the wrong tree far too often. We have prepared a list of celeb kids that managed to screw up their lives too quickly and now are stuck in our memory as spoiled children who made their parents feel ashamed.

Ariana Grande

Number one in our list is Ariana Grande. In case you did not know who she is, here’s a brief Ariana Grande information summary: an American singer and actress, she began her career in the Broadway musical 13; she made her debut in music with the soundtrack Music from Victorious. Being a Nickelodeon star and a successful singer with a number of records was not enough for Ariana, and she decided to shock the public. Her experiment turned out to be more than effective, however, it caused too many problems for the young lady herself. The most famous idiocy of Ariana Grande is licking the donuts that were on display at a shop and saying that she hates the Americans and America. Soon after that, the singer swallowed her words and explained that she meant the American obesity. The young pop star, who once told that she wanted to be like Mariah Carey, obviously did not satisfy the diva’s and the public’s expectations. Moreover, the little princess announced that she hated her fans and wished they all be dead. We just hope that it is only rumors.


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