Celebrities’ React to Tragedy in Paris

Celebrities’ React to Tragedy in Paris

Madonna cries during the show

Madonna cries during the show

On Saturday, the day after the tragedy in France, Madonna had a concert in Tele 2 Arena in the capital of Sweden. The 57-year-old singer could not ignore the terrible terrorist attacks that took more that hundred lives. She asked the audience to keep a minute of silence in the name of the victims of Friday’s tragedy.

Madonna confessed to the audience in the concert hall that is was extremely hard for her to get through that show. The singer said she felt confused that she was dancing and having fun there while there are so many people in Paris mourning about their loved ones who died the day before.

With the tears in her eyes, Madonna confessed that she was about to cancel the show in Stockholm because she was not sure if it was right to have fun on a day of mourning. But she decided that this is exactly what the terrorists want—terrify the people of Europe, make them afraid, make them keep silence, do not enjoy life. “They want to shut us up,” said Madonna from the scene. “But we will not let them!”

Despite feeling torn, the singer found words to express her feelings about the tragedy in Paris. She said she could feel the unity, the strength that will allow people to stand against senseless violence, to confront terrorism all around the world.

The audience was clearly moved by Madonna’s words, they clapped and cheered in agreement. Then the singer asked for a minute of silence to honor the memory of the victims of Paris’ tragedy. After that, she sang the legendary song “Like a Prayer” in a very emotional way.

You can see the Madonna’s speech below.

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