• Five actors who hate their roles

    Five actors who hate their roles0

    You might think that all the actors love their wonderful jobs especially once they get paid. But this is the privilege shared by those who already got the fame and can choose the projects they like. Actors who are still on their way to the top usually are not so picky and can agree to

  • Five actors who turned down iconic movie roles

    Five actors who turned down iconic movie roles0

    It is difficult to imagine what celebrities might feel when the role they turned down becomes successful, almost iconic. The reasons for their decision could be different, weather it was due to financial disputes or personal reasons, or maybe the actors were already involved in some other big projects, but it is still curious if

  • Six weird celebrity diets

    Six weird celebrity diets0

    Unless we are talking about Queen Latifah or Adele, most celebrities are very anxious about their figure. Trying to lose weight, stars are sometimes a little bit too innovative, and their diets may be considered as not only weird but also crazy. Madonna—The air diet The great pop star claims to follow the air diet

  • Five most annoying celebrities ever

    Five most annoying celebrities ever0

    We love celebrities as they bring good emotions to our lives. They are a wonderful source of inspiration, fascination, but sometimes also of irritation as well. We find some stars so annoying that it is difficult for us to understand how they can endear others. Of course, this is all about personal taste, but there