• They Are Not in Disney Anymore

    They Are Not in Disney Anymore0

    Fortunately, most Disney child stars grow up to be beautiful and talented actors and singers. But some adorable celebrities end up spoiled and attract various kinds of scandals—from stolen nude photos to drug abuse. Some things, that former Disney stars do, can make Mickey Mouse blush. Everything started with the first Disney child actor Bobby

  • Celebrity apologies that seem too much

    Celebrity apologies that seem too much0

    Celebrity apologies have always been a controversial topic. Famous people either do not bother to make an apology or are forced to do it too many times by the media. So here is a bunch of ambiguous stories about celebrities and etiquette. The most recent example of how celebrities are forced to abandon their own

  • Jared Leto’s Joker: who is he indeed?

    Jared Leto’s Joker: who is he indeed?0

    On the eve of the release of “Suicide Squad” and “Batman v. Superman” movies starring a batch of DC Comics’ villains, there is a lot of noise around. More than anyone else, geeks are discussing the most dangerous character and the best villain in all history of comics— Joker. Yet, the audience is not simply

  • Six weird celebrity diets

    Six weird celebrity diets0

    Unless we are talking about Queen Latifah or Adele, most celebrities are very anxious about their figure. Trying to lose weight, stars are sometimes a little bit too innovative, and their diets may be considered as not only weird but also crazy. Madonna—The air diet The great pop star claims to follow the air diet

  • Five most annoying celebrities ever

    Five most annoying celebrities ever0

    We love celebrities as they bring good emotions to our lives. They are a wonderful source of inspiration, fascination, but sometimes also of irritation as well. We find some stars so annoying that it is difficult for us to understand how they can endear others. Of course, this is all about personal taste, but there

  • Jessica Simpson marriage is not a tragedy, but a financial mistake

    Jessica Simpson marriage is not a tragedy, but a financial mistake0

    Thinking of a whole human life, what kind of crucial financial mistake one can make? For some it is a huge loan, for others—an unnecessary luxury car or a too expensive holiday. One way or another we do not naturally perceive a marriage and family as a waste of time. On the contrary, many celebrities