Big Bang Theory Fans Happy: Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki Together Again?

Big Bang Theory Fans Happy: Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki Together Again?

All the Big Bang Theory fans have been feeling excited for the past few months. And the reason is sweet and romantic: the relationship between Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki is heating up again. Almost five years have passed after their first split. An insider claims the couple have been having a secret romance during the Big Bang Theory filming. It is hard to tell whether this information is true or not, since their romance is so concealed even the sneakiest tabloids did not manage to get a proving photo or a comment. As Kaley mentioned in her interview after the breakup, she and Johnny were very protective of the show and each other.

However, everything ended, and soon Kaley Cuoco started dating Ryan Sweeting. Shortly after that, the couple got married and spent almost two years together. The marriage was supposedly ruined by the cheating rumors around Kaley Cuoco and her husband. Tabloids report that Cuoco and her co-star Galecki had an affair while the actress was still married to Sweeting. The talks about Cuoco and Galecki’s reunion became even more frequent after the divorce. Recently the couple was spotted at the premiere of Fallout 4. Though the actors try to convince everybody they are just really close friends (friends with benefits, maybe!), Kaley seems to be slowly surrendering. According to an insider, the actress realized her hidden yet alive feelings for Galecki after her divorce. But Kaley does not want to go public until they are both ready, since she is afraid it might ruin everything.

So the couple is aggressively defending their secret, denying any kind of rumors. Galecki even posted a photo with another woman on Instagram, but this does not prove anything. It is a usual thing for Hollywood relationships—throwing fans off, causing extra rumors, etc. On the other hand, from time from time, both stars share sweet pics where they are hugging or having fun together. Are these two taunting us with their secret romance or are we just exaggerating? We will definitely know it a little bit later.

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