Ben Affleck ignores Ouzounian after their relationship came out to publicity

Ben Affleck ignores Ouzounian after their relationship came out to publicity

Ben Affleck and Jen Garner ex-nanny, Christine Ouzounian, turned out Ben’s ex-friend as he still denies the fact he cheated on his spouse. The sources say they don’t have any relationship last days and the Ouzounian friends are sure the red-carpet actor has cut off any kind of connection with her after the details of the troublesome relationship came out to the mass media and public. A journalist reported that while visiting the already-famous Bel Air Hotel this week, Ouzounian was completely discouraged by Ben’s silence as the star just ignored any of her calls and messages since the story shocked the press.

The source also claims Christine thinks her career as nanny has come to an end: the agency she has been working with has fired her right after the rumors were featured on the pages of magazines. The reason is clear: they simply didn’t want any loud publicity, though Ouzounian has been working as a nanny pretty long and the Ben-Jennifer couple wasn’t the only one in her star-employer list.

Christine’s mates tell they have driven her to the luxury hotel where Ben had a special room reservation for the past months, as always on the same day. Can it be just a coincidence? The sources say Ben has got a room at his disposal so he could stay there as long as he wanted anonymously, and claim he spent time there with the nanny alone.

The hotel became a real refuge, a calm place for the actor. Christine Ouzounian got used to be there quite fast as well as seemed to be familiar and friendly with Bel Air Hotel personal stuff.

Before the big family scandal eruption the couple wanted to hire someone to look after their three kids: Violet, 9, Seraphina, 6, and Samuel, 3, as they already teetered on the brink of separation which seemed to lead to a divorce process.

Insider told Christine wasn’t about to meet Ben as long as his relationship with Jennifer still last. But the actress had a strong argument why she has fired the nanny: it was simply inappropriate for a father of three children to hook up with someone supposed to care for kids.

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