A Person to Stay a Hero Forever: David Bowie’s Life and Art

A Person to Stay a Hero Forever: David Bowie’s Life and Art

David Bowie was thought to be immortal. The world was not ready to let him go. His contribution to the world of art will never be forgotten. David Bowie was a genius—a person whose songs will live on in our souls.

Hard to Overestimate

Some of you might not be familiar with the David Bowie real name deal. His given name was David Robert Jones. He was an English singer, songwriter, producer, painter, and movie star. It is hard to find a person who does not know his name. However, being a pop idol for five decades, this person never praised himself up to the skies. For instance, during David Bowie interview with Daily News, the singer said that he did not think he was an intellectual. David Bowie claimed that he was just curious about everything that happened around him. That is what made him write his songs and see everything in a different perspective.

David Bowie was the person who brought innovation to everything he did. Despite some critics calling the latest David Bowie albums pieces of art that lacked creativity, the albums, nevertheless, were very successful and did not disappoint his fans. He never gave up. Being on stage for more than thirty years, David Bowie managed to move with the times and stay popular no matter what happened. He cooperated with Brian Eno, Moby, Placebo, Trent Reznor, and many other musicians of various genres. Moreover, not only did the David Bowie art stay up-to-date and fresh, he himself always looked as if he knew some anti-aging recipe.  


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