8 Coolest Younger Sisters of Celebrities

8 Coolest Younger Sisters of Celebrities

Are you a younger sibling? Perhaps, you have a younger sister or brother? If you sometimes think they are cooler than you, you are not alone. Scientific studies revealed that younger siblings are usually more creative and undisciplined than their big sisters or brothers. The reason is that parents tend to be more tolerant and charitable after raising their first child. Displaying a more attention-seeking behavior, little siblings usually get more love and become more fun-loving and outgoing persons than the elder children. If it is similar to your family situation, keep reading this article about 8 famous celebrity siblings who seem to live up to their roles of little sisters.

Khloé Kardashian

Khloé is the youngest of the Kardashians sisters and is the most straightforward and self-confident. She has her unique position within the family, which allows her to be incredibly protective and commanding. Like most little sisters, Khloé demands the most attention from her surroundings, and she is the first who will defend her sisters when it comes to their controversies and successes.


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