7 Genius Alan Rickman’s Roles in Movies

7 Genius Alan Rickman’s Roles in Movies

Although Alan Rickman’s movie debut occurred when he was 42 years old, his career as an actor was incredible and eventful. Playing roles in the films of different genres, he impersonated an impressive variety of characters. Try to remember where you noticed him for the first time. Was it one of his famous antagonist roles or a role of a good guy in some romantic film? Undoubtedly, his performance cannot be unnoticeable.

This great actor passed away last week after losing his daring struggle with cancer at the age of 69, and to honor the memory of him we have collected seven most genius Alan Rickman’s performances, which encompass dramas, action films, and other movies between these genres.

Keep on reading to find your favorite Rickman’s roles among them.


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